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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

All things Pineapple: Lifestyle & Fashion Spring 2014

Our lady boss, Ashley, the General Manager, absolutely loves pineapples, along with the rest of the staff!  We just added a new pineapple collar and leash to our store! This would be perfect for your travels to the tropics, or, just for an everyday to brighten up your and your pup's day, especially if you are still stuck up north in the cold.   

Pineapples are a growing trend everywhere
From interior designs to clothes, to delicious recipes, and to pet fashion!  Pineapples are too delicious; healthy eats and sweet treats! Not to mention there are countless recipes out there to make your dog some homemade pineapple treats.

Don't worry, we didn't forget about the cats!  In our stores, for cats we have yummy

pineapple toys!!  We carry pineapple toys, which can be filled with catnip.  There is also a pineapple catnip toy, which is plush.  

Now your pooch can match you with your style!   Come down to pineapple paradise, and shop at our store in our Naples or West Palm Beach locations... and of course if you can't quite make it down to FL, there is always our online store!

Editor's Note: Pineapple Grove in Delray Beach (just south of West Palm Beach) is one of Ashley's favorite places to spend the afternoon hanging out.  There are literally pineapples everywhere; street signs, store fronts, houses, mailboxes and even a bike parking station int he shape of a pineapple.  A must see for any sunny Saturday.  

History Note:  Pineapples seen in homes & businesses symbolize "welcome".