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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Did Somebunny Say Egg Hunting?!

Have you seen are new "it" dresses and accessories?!  The Easter bunny is coming by soon!  We have the perfect dress for your fuzzy one to go egg hunting!  These beautiful dresses come in pastel colors!  White, purple, and puppy pink!  These absolutely adorable dresses will tickle the bunny to see them go egg hunting!  The princess ruffle dresses come in sizes from xs-xl, and can fit from 3-16 lbs doggies, and are $30. 

For a successful hunting trip, put in a few dog treats in plastic eggs, and spread them around your yard or indoors in couches.  If your furry companion is just a pup, this would be a great training exercise!  It would be a great way to train your dog to sit, and help them learn toleration and patience, and also they could learn commands such as ok, get it, or retrieve it, for them as a release - an approval from you, for them to know it is ok to go and complete their task. 

If you think your dog will mistake the bunny for the eggs, we have a perfect alert system to keep them away from the bunny, these fabulous fancy jingle necklaces!  LOL!  These absolutely adorable necklaces: Fancy Blue Bell, Fancy Bear, Fancy Kitty Necklace, Fancy Strawberry Necklace, and Fancy Purple Necklace!  These would be perfect for your little furboos, and they are a steal at $10 each (FYI necklaces will fit pets 4-10 lbs.)!!!  The boys would look sharp in these stylish necklaces, and the girls, of course absolutely delightful and glamorous.

We hope you and your loved ones will have an EGGCELENT hunt!  Hashtag us on our Instagram, #pucciandcatana of your adorable pups and kitties in our outfits and necklaces!  Your picture might get featured on our Instagram and Facebook

Time to shop, shop, shop, before the Easter bunny gets here!  Shop till you drop at, or in our stores in West Palm Beach or Naples, FL!!