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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#FurryTwerkin' Competition is ON! BRING IT!

 The gossip isn't over about Miley Cyrus!  Oh noo!  Now it's the furboos turn to yapp and meow about it!  We love Miley!  Not only did she start a new fashion trend, but she absolutely loves her dogs, and posts them on her instagram account, all the time! LOL!  Woof!  If your dog loves twerkin' then he or she will be all set to have a show off with Miley with these Humanga Tongue Toys!

 To make sure your dog has the correct steps to twerk, we have Miley's tongue, lips, and for boys, we have a moustache, to complete the look!  These Humunga Toys come in a mini, junior, and large sizes!  The minis are $12.50, the juniors run $14.50, and the large

toys run $16.50!  You and your dog need to twerk out the correct toy size for his mouth!

We also suggest that you put some dog peanut butter on the end of the toy.  This  might help to convince you to to start a twerkin' ritual with your dog!  Help your dog out, and complete the whole twerkin' package, for your dog's dance moves with these pawsome toys!  Stop in our store in West Palm Beach or in Naples, FL!  If you can't make it down for a visit, you always can shop on our online store!!!  We look forward to seeing your pictures of your furboos twerkin'!