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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flower Power at Coachella Music Festival 2014

This is Pucci & Catana, reporting live from Coachella Music Festival 2014.  Even though we can't get in the main entrance, (no furry boos allowed), we are here, standing at the front gate, and have access to the celebrities and a close up to this year's trending style.  Stay tuned for behind the scenes with our two top celebrities we got our paws on!

We are finding that  this year, flowers are a big trend, at the festival.   We have spotted gorgeous girls wearing beautiful flower headbands.  We are in love with Alessandra Ambrosio's look!  We are inspired by her flower headband!  Our favorite headband we see, so far,  are these cheerful flower collar doos, which are embellished in sparkles to brighten up your day.

We can't  help to fall in love with these Flower Collars either.  We loved seeing these pastel flower colors match these lovely ladies' bohemian dress.  Our other favorite dress that caught our eyes is the Hawaii dress, which is absolutely in vogue, with a collar doo, or a flower collar, which upscales a simple outfit, or just plane fur! Arrroo! *BOL* (Barking Out Loud)!

Oh my DOG... do you see this stud muffin?!!  Jared Leto, just came in and looking gorgeous, as ever in this, Hot Pink Hawaii BBQ Shirt.  Before the security guards came in, we were briefly able to exchange few words with him.  He let us know he got his shirt at one his favorite stores ever, Pucci & Catana!  We are just soo tickled he adores our shop!  They also come in blue and green!

Thank You, Jarod and Alessandra for sharing your fashion secrets and most wanted items for this spring

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