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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Behind The Scenes on Our #1 Treats: Bare Bites!!!

All of our furry customers agree Bare Bites' dried beef liver are the #1 treats at Pucci & Catana!  We had the pleasure to interview them!  We are excited to share more history about Bare Bites.  Join us, behind the scenes with, Allison, who is the owner of the company!

Did you know that Bare Bites is a woman owned company?  We love their basic life style moto: "Sometimes it's best  to keep things simple." Bare Bites are made with only one ingredient - 100% all natural beef liver."  Their magical element is simple; using 100% all natural  ingredients, leaving funky chemicals out of the mix.  The company buys local, whenever possible, and promises to only use ingredients from within America. 


1.  Can you tell us about how this company started and what your inspiration was behind the treats?
a.       I owned a pet store in Frederick, MD for 10 years. Bare bites grew out of frustration with treat vendors. I felt like as a retailer I wasn’t getting the service and quality that I was looking for. It felt like I was in competition with the manufacturer and I wanted to create a company that backed the independent retailer so they can provide the top quality treat to their customers. I had an independent store and I believe in the mom and pop stores across the US. I wanted to create a treat that stores like Pucci & Catana are able to sell and promote in house.

2.  How did you come up with the name, Bare Bites?
a.       The original concept was called Oliver’s Pate, Oliver being my 12 year old black lab, but it didn’t fit what the product is, or the concept overall. I was brainstorming with a customer at my retail store who was helping me with some graphic work and she actually came up with the name, as her royalty she is being supplied with free treats for life!

3.  Describe a typical day at work.
a.       We roll in around 8:30 am, and get to work answering emails and checking for orders. We begin to package any orders that we have received and continue making bags of treats, putting on labels, playing around on Facebook, etc. Around noon, we roll out to lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant where we have a three-martini lunch (Just kidding! We limit it to one.) Then it is back to the office where we contact new stores and continue packaging. During this time I always put on a Bruce Springsteen album to educate Colleen on all things Bruce! And around 3:30, Don our favorite UPS driver, comes and picks up all the deliveries for the day. We usually leave by 4, because after ten years of retail I am making up for lost playtime.

4.  Are pets allowed to come to work?
a.       Without a doubt! But, Colleen has to leave her cat at home because Oliver would consider it a new treat! Oliver and Jersey, usually spend the mornings at the office, but take their afternoons off. Pippin stops daily for a treat, he is Allison’s mom’s dog and the reason she is out of her mother’s will!

5.  Do you guys have Instagram, or any other social media, that everyone should be aware, so everyone can share their love for Bare Bites? For example, we love Instagram, and constantly post pictures of our customers!
a.       Well of course! Or Instagram for showing love for Bare Bites is BareBitesLover, and you can also find us on Facebook to show off your own pet and their love for Bare Bites. (Thankfully Colleen is a hip youngster that can keep up with all this technology!)

6.  Bare Bites is Pucci & Catana’s #1 treat. We have lots of customers come in for a little quick snack, and our store dogs, come running right as the cookie jar is grabbed, the beholder of the beef liver treats! LOL! Are you planning on continuing your line of “Bare Products”? How did you know this would make the dogs and cats slobber, and lick one’s chops?
a.       Yes! We are revamping our Brew Bites, which are actually picking up steam and is a more biscuit type of treat. We are also, hopefully in the near future, coming out with a sweet potato treat that will knock your dog’s tail off!  We are also venturing into the horse market shortly, giddy up! After extensive marketing research, AKA Oliver, I discovered that this is one treat that he would not resist! I continued to test the treat out with great success in my retail store.

7.  We recently saw, Dustin on Facebook with a Bare Bite in his mouth, does this mean these are human grade treats?
a.       You bet they are! Dustin is Allison’s nutrition running coach that is helping get her back into marathon training, her favorite pastime!

8.  Lastly, this is the most important question; who is the lucky dog or cat that tastes all of these treats and paw approves them? LOL!
a.       Dustin is the lucky human to sample all treats, but of course we get our official paw approval from Oliver, Jersey, and Colleen’s kitties. 

OMG!  What a fun stuff at Bare Bites!!!  We love bringing our dog and cats with us to work as well!  We can't wait to start promoting the beef liver treats to humans now! LOL! ;)

Grab your bare bites in our store in Naples or on our online store,