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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Susan Lanci's new Island Flower!

As you may have noticed, that we are obsessed with flowers at Pucci & Catana.  Wait till you see our NEW flower addition! 

Susan Lanci is very popular at our store, in fact, her merchandise is the most product, that we sell!  We all looovveeeee Susan Lanci's Designs!  Did you know the ultrasuede material she uses, is similar to alcantara suede used in Ferrari's!?  The ultra suede material is just too die for, with its softness and ligthness.  Ultra suede is a very light and soft material.

Check out the new "Island Flower" harnesses!!!  They make us feel like we are traveling back in time, to Claude Monet's Gardens!

Here are some of these amazing bright and fun colors of the Island Flowers Harnesses!

This new Island Flower harness comes in a tinkie and in a p&s styles.  The tinkie harnesses are the ones that look like the two straps that velcro.  One strap velcro below the neckline, and the other strap velcros below the ribcage.  The p&s harness is the style where your dog steps in, and it buckles with a quick release mechanism. 

Susan Lanci's straps are made of very durable material and velcro.  All of Susan Lanci's designs, is made from genuine upholstery grade Ultasuede® fabric imported from Japan. This soft, comfortable fabric is breathable, washable and colorfast.  Lastly, this harness is manufactured in the USA.  The hand-crafted flowers are multi-layered, giving them an attention grabbing 3-dimensional quality. To finish them, the center of each flower is accented with a Swarovski crystal.  We know we will be seeing lots of our furboo customers in them!  Orders yours today, on our website store! 

You might as well grab a matching Island Flower Leash!!! ;)

*Susan Lanci products are custom made and take 3-4 weeks in production. They are worth the wait!*

We love seeing our customers in Susan Lanci!  Don't forget to hashtag us at #pucciandcatana on our instagram account , or share it on our facebook