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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Monday, July 20, 2015

New York Fashion Week

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Get your pooch ready for NYFW with our Dogs of Glamour  bags! These carriers are made from a vegan leather, and faux fur pads on the insides for comfort to your pup. They have a wonderful amount of pockets for an Olly Bottle  and maybe some Bare Bites! There are 5 styles offered by Dogs of Glamour with a few color options! See the information about each style below! 

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Wrap up and leave for your flight! 
 Most Dogs of Glamour carriers are Airline approved because of the ventilation, and the bag closes completely. Please check your airline for their maximum size on bags before purchasing! 

  • Alexander Bag : This bag features side ventilation, two front pockets, and a plush fuax fur inner pad. It also includes braided handles for a comfortable fit. Airline Approved, offered in 2 colors. 

  • Signature Tote : Made from Saffiano Vegan leather like Louis, Marc and Micheal bags. This bag features top and side ventilation, signature lining, and a sleek look to your everyday look. You can still be in style while having your dog with you wherever! Airline approved, offered in 3 colors. 
  • Classic Satchel: This is made from a quilted vegan leather which looks really nice if your going for a Chanel vintage look! It features side ventilation, and an inn faux fur pad. Pair this up with our Chewnel squeaky bones to be cuter and keep your pooch content during the flight there and back! Airline approved, offered in 5 colors
Chewnel Bone LBD for Designer Dog
Chewnel Squeaky Bone

Classic Satchel Pink
Classic Satchel Purple

  • Classic Tote : This tote offers an extremely classy look, with a quilted vegan leather, featuring top and side ventilation, signature lining, and front storage. Airline approved, offered in 2 colors.

  • Glam Tote : Crafted from faux leather and featuring top and side ventilation, signature lining, and a quilted front design with luxe bow and rhinestones, this dog carrier adds pretty, practical style to both you and your dog. Airline approved, offered in 1 color. 

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