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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

International Cat Day

Happy International Cat Day – The Awesome DailyYes, today is International cat day so take your ball of fluff out for some catnip toys and treats! Who knew there was an entire day dedicated to the cats of the world? Cats are such great companions, when you like to roll up like a cinnamon bun in bed all day, and watch your favorite movies on Netflix. They are the best cuddle buddies anyone could ever ask for!

Bring in your feline for Catnip from From the Field! All of the products from From the Field are made from hemp and/or fresh organic catnip, they are also biodegradable, and made in the USA. 

There are many options when choosing the right Catnip for your kitty. Whether you'd like a messy catnip or simple and easy to clean up catnip. 

  1. Catnip Buds: This is the most potent form of catnip, which is the top of the catnip plant. 
  2. Catnip Leaf and Flower: A very potent mix of the leaves and flower. 
  3. Catnip Stalkless: This is a grinded mix of leaves and flowers with no stalk, which makes this kitty safe. 
  4. Catnip Pellet: This is the mess free format, made from compressed catnip. It works just as great as the others. 
  5. Catnip in the Ruff: This is just a chopped up form of catnip buds. 
  6. Catnip Essential Oil: This is a rejuvenation oil.Extracted from pure potent catnip buds. This highly concentrated catnip oil contains up to 96% of nepetalactone (the harmless chemical that entices the cats reaction to catnip).
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Besides making cats happy and relaxed, there are some great health benefits to Catnip! Such as it stimulates your cat to exercise and play, and if your traveling or going somewhere that makes the cat nervous (ex. vet), put a little in his/her carrier to calm their nerves. Catnip can even benefit YOU! Make yourself a Catnip Tea next time you have a cold or the flu, it can cure headaches/migraines, its a natural way to calm the nerves of hyperactive children, its a toothache remedy. There are many more uses of Catnip!

Anime Cat animated GIFApart from the catnip, how about some interesting facts about cats? Seeming that it IS International Cat Day!

- Cats can live up to 20 years.
- A cat can see up to about 6 times better than humans at night.
- Cats spend about 2/3 of the day sleeping. (this is why you need a cuddle cup).
- There are about 75 million cats in the USA. 
- Cats have a weak sense of taste. They only have 473 taste buds as humans have 9,000.

Cat Animals animated GIFCats LOVE LOVE LOVE to snuggle up in a cozy blanket! Well how about pampering him/her with a Cuddle Cup by Susan Lanci? Cuddle cups can transform from a cup he/she can cuddle inside of to a blanket to a bed! They are all hand made with the softest faux fur you will ever feel. They are also machine washable with a light detergent, and just air dry. Definitely worth the purchase! Have you thought about taking your cat camping with you (yeah, maybe in the kids blanket forts)? She will have her own "Kitty Sleeping Bag".

Any Susan Lanci products take 3-4 weeks in production! It is worth the wait!