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Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Welcome to Pucci & Catana Blog!

Friday, January 15, 2016

4 Totally Legal Ways to Get Your Cat Stoned

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We all know about catnip, but what about Valerian root or silver vine? Step right this way, my friend. 


Catnip is a member of the mint family, and cats go wild for it. Smelling or tasting the oil within the plant can make cats turn into playful kittens once again. Catnip contains necetalactone (an organic compound that acts as an attractant), which emulates reactions typically produced by pheromones. No one knows why this happens exactly. 

Either dried or fresh out of the garden, catnip is a great kitty high. You will want to crush the fresh leaves and stems or rub the dried nip between your hands to bring out the natural oils. Catnip does really well in poor soil and good sunlight, so it's very easy to grow! 

Dried catnip should be stored in a dark container or in a cool area, such as a cupboard (light and/or heat will degrade the essential oils). You can also store it in your freezer which will make it last much longer! 

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Silver Vine 

Actinidia Polygama, better known as Silver Vine, is grown in the mountainous areas of Japan and China. Silver Vine contains not one, but two cat attractant compounds. It is also an aromatic having a distinctive sweet tea-like fragrance which is a cat attractant. Silver Vine has long been known to elicit euphoric responses in cats. This is supposed to be an even stronger high for kitties, although your cat can't tell you, so who's to really know? 

Silver Vine is normally found as a light brown powder and is super strong, just a little sprinkle on a cardboard scratcher, toy, or wash cloth can send your cat into throes of pure ecstasy. 

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Valerian is a beautiful flower that blooms in the summer and releases a sweet scent. But your cat is a little more interested in the root. Just a little pinch of the cut up root will expose your cat to the active oil, actinidine, which will turn your cats into an ecstatic drooling machine.

They will love it, but you may hate the repugnant smell. Think back to your brothers smelliest socks after soccer practice. This is something you'll want to store in an air tight container if kept in your house. Valerian is also known to be used as a muscle relaxer and a natural sleep enhancer by humans.


Studies show that 30% of cats do not have any effects to catnip, so with this 30% you can try using honeysuckle. Not every type of honeysuckle has an intoxicating effect on cats. It's the woody part to one specific plant, Lonicera Tatarica, that lures cats with its potent grip. The berries of this plant are poisonous, so please be sure that you purchase it from a reliable source, and to have the shaving/sticks in a cat toy. Once the scent starts to fade wet the toy down. Wetting the toy will rejuvenate the scent.

Be sure to enjoy responsibly! 

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